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12 Levels of Meditation

Level 12 - Excellent meditation for centering yourself and encouraging mental stability and clarity. Known to stimulate the throat/vishuddha chakra and in the body will heal the thyroid, lungs and vocal cords. This is also a great meditation for helping with learning and study

Level 11 -  Very Powerful for healing of body, mind/body unity, stimulating for the immunity, valuable in convalescence.   Excellent for relaxed alertness, contemplation. Can help to lower blood pressure and is beneficial for the whole circulatory system. Known to stimulate the heart/anahata chakra

Level 10 -This is a hugely beneficial meditation. Enhances the release of serotonin and is a great mood elevator, Can help with pain, hangovers and jet lag.
Good when trying to get information flow from the subconscious. Stimulates the solar plexus/manipura chakra. Helps to heal  the pancreas, stomach, gall bladder and liver

Level 9 - This meditation is associated with a non-drowsy but relaxed, tranquil state of consciousness, primarily with pleasant inward awareness; body/mind integration; amplifies dowsing, empty-mind states, detachment, daydreams, mind/body integration . Also used to help prostate problems

Level 8 - This meditation will stimulate ESP and helps with grounding. It can be used to treat jetlag and stress related conditions. It can initiate pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps  develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects)
Excellent for learning new information and positive thinking.
It is associated with sacral/swadhisthana chakra which influences the gonads and reproductive system. It will therefore have a beneficial effect on  relationships/sexuality.
This meditation helps a person feel they are satisfied so can be used to support diets, with alcohol abuse and other addictive behaviour

Level 7 - This meditation will enhance all types of manifestation and law of attraction processes. Is the basis of money magnetism . It is also used to help with sleep and insomnia.
Will increase awareness of self and purpose and very useful for guided meditation. Works well for all creative processes including art,  invention music, etc;
Helpful in allowing contact with spirit guides and channeling spirit guidance.Works extremely well in healing situations including reiki, pranic healing, auric healing and chi generation .
Tremendous for problem solving and alleviating confused thinking

Level 6 - This meditation is associated with an increase in psychic ability, astral projection and out of body activity.Can also be used to improve memory , focus and learning ability.
Reduces fear, anger and irritability. Also used to heal the stomach  

Level 5 - This meditation will improve long term memory. It will also reduce procrastination and a resistance to working. It will increase intuition and will help to heal the lungs.
Will encourage deeper sleep and lucid dreaming

Level 4 - Brilliant for problem solving and can be used to reduce the need for sleep.
Will also stimulate the release of endorphins so can be used to relieve pain
Can be used to heal the kidneys. Has been used to help with chronic fatigue syndrome.
Will also help with memory and learning

Level 3 - Increases a feeling of unity with everything. Enhances accelerated language retention.
Helps with childhood memories. Stimulates the Hara. Excellent for tension headaches.
Improves vision Can be used to help with depression and anxiety.
Stimulates DNA and the regeneration process Can be used to help with depression and anxiety.

Level 2 -  Best meditation for pain relief and endorphin release. Will also help with chronic fatigue.
Will stimulate the genitals so is beneficial for impotence. Can reduce cortisol and increase levels of
DHEA and melatonin

Level 1 - Best meditation for euphoria and feelings of well being.
Can stimulate the pituitary to release more growth hormone and can therefore be used for rejuvenation.
Can help hair to regrow and reverse grey hair. Will help develop muscles and heal injuries