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Hematite Frequencies (Audio Crystal Therapy)

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Product Description

Hematite - Uses and Benefits

For many centuries, people have been using hematite for healing and balancing the mind as well as evoking deep thought. The crystals have especially been proven as helpful to women who lack courage. They are also popular among students who want to stimulate the mind for higher learning especially in mathematics and technical fields.

The mineral is composed of oxidized iron. As such, its healing qualities largely owe to the fortifying energy found in iron. The oxygen found in the compound also helps in the calming properties that help the mind to achieve clarity and balance when someone needs to apply their thoughts to a problem. While these properties are basically grounded in science, many cultures have also taken to using the mineral in metaphysics and other spiritual purposes.

Hematite is an opaque crystal which is impressive to look at and this may explain why some cultures attach mystical properties to it. Owing to its ferric composition, it is fairly dense and heavy than you would expect merely by looking. Most of the crystals are a shiny black but some variants are brown or even silver in appearance.

In metaphysical circles, the crystal is used in grounding higher energies. It is considered as a powerful stone that helps to bridge the spiritual and physical planes. With its reputation for balancing subtle bodies, it can be used to impart soothing and calming feelings.

Millions of people have been using hematite for healing largely owing to the fact that it is connected with the blood (iron is an important component of blood plasma). Moreover, it purifies and revitalizes all the body fluids. It is therefore essential for tissue generation, and the production of red blood cells.

Get the same help through this amazing stone's frequencies and see how well it works for you.


How do the Frequencies Work?

Using advanced scientific techniques we can identify and recreate the exact frequencies that each crystal and mineral uses to help heal the body.

Listening to these frequencies whilst relaxing can recreate the healing power of the crystal or mineral. The classic healing ability of crystal therapy has been recreated using the correct audible and sub audible frequencies. The energetic vibrations from the crystals can be used to re-align and direct the flow of energy within the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, returning them to a state of health and wholeness.

No physical crystals or minerals are required for this technique to work but you can use them if you want to.    


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