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Amazing sound technology can now stimulate the release of pheromones- just imagine how this might change your personal life.

- Make yourself irresistable to the opposite sex - they will approach you

- Increase you confidence and charisma

- Instantly become more popular

- Be the envy of all your friends

- Use as often as you like - no limits !!

The human body utilizes its senses to order and understand the world.  The sense of smell is controlled by a specific portion of the brain that is closely linked to evolutionary pathways that helped the processing of decisions, such as early fight or flight responses.  These neural connections kept us safe from tigers but helped us track down an attractive mate or delicious meal.  Pheromones are odors created by humans to relay important information to other members of our tribe and were likely important in our pre-speech culture.  The information these scents provided us were likely vital in making important decisions, especially when seeking out partners or other individuals to trust.  Recent studies have indicated that women can determine a genetically appropriate partner simply by smelling a shirt that has absorbed pheromones, the message these small scents provide can make a big difference.

Certain pheromones can control whether others view you as a trustworthy, warm, honest, or attractive individual.  While individuals do not realize it is the message these undetectable odors relay that affect their opinion, these views can have a real impact.  Imagine being able to project honesty at your next job interview or attractiveness when out for a night at the club.  Take control of the messages your body is sending about you.  Thanks to advances in sound technology, it is possible to increase levels of important pheromones safely though the use of targeted sound frequencies.  Sound waves are already used in medicine, such as ultrasound technology, and are considered safe and effective.  Science has long established the effects of certain frequencies on cellular structures, including the biology of the human body, with no negative side effects.  Utilizing sound waves can allow you to naturally increase your pheromone levels to ensure you are always sending the right message

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