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Remote Viewing (Isochiral Music)

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Product Description

The research into remote viewing reached its peak in the cold war of the 1970's. Their are many techniques currently available to promote Remote Viewing. This harmonic will enhance all of them significantly.

It is well documented that increasing the alpha wave levels of the brain can increase remote viewing abilities. It has been found that the phenomena of Remote viewing and psychometry seem to be particularly enhanced using alpha frequencies in the middle of the range. The addition of certain beta harmonics to the dominant alpha frequency can further enhance this ability.

Users of this set of harmonics have reported hit rates above 60% accuracy... ON THEIR FIRST TRY!

How Does it Work?

Astralprojection, Remote Viewing and Past Life Regression all take place in the Theta Phase of our altered consciousness. The frequencies used in the Isochiral Music products have been specifically designed for this (they are not random theta induction products - they will help to stabilize the sleep borderline state).

Once you have achieved stability and confidence in the sleep borderline environment you will be able to move your awareness around within this visible environment. You will have dissociated from your physical body and are now in what many people call the astral body or the astral vehicle. In some instances you can still see your physical body. This is not as common as popular literature suggests. It is very rare to see a silver cord connecting the astral and the physical bodies.         
With experience you will be learn to differentiate the different types of images.

i) The astral and past life images will often have an ethereal quality. The colours will be vibrant and senses will be extremely heightened. There will often be clues that the content is past life related (we have many students who will correlate their experiences with real events or locations on the internet).              

ii) Remote viewing images will seem more part of this world (and of course they are). Many students have likened this to watching a live remote camera where you have control over angle, zoom and position. You are not visible to others in these situations.         

iii) With astral projection you mostly have control over what you do and where you go (many have suggested that this is a similar experience to wake induce lucid dreaming - I am personally inclined to agree but would suggest that Dream Induced Lucid Dreaming is a different state and experience). Sometimes you can feel that you are being led and this can be exciting. However you do always maintain control.         


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