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Accelerated Learning (Binaural Music)

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Product Description

Listening to this downloadable accelerated learning binaural music suite will help you to absorb information more quickly, retain information more effectively and recall it when required. It has been proven that learning capacity can be significantly improved by listening to binaural sound in the alpha range. This can cut study time by up to 50%. 

Listen to the music suite as you study your material - you will find that you retain much more without constant revisions.

What is Binaural Music?


  • A sensational new development in altered consciousness technology.
  • A complete symbiotic fusion of binaural harmonic frequencies, advanced sound engineering and inspired musical composition.
  • Functional music at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Binaural Music utilizes the tried and tested technologies of binaural harmonic frequencies and frequency following in a completely new way.

Binaural products are usually of 2 types:

  1. The binaural tones are embedded in music.  As the tones are not part of the music; the music will distract the brain and the entrainment is ineffective and inaccurate.  The correct harmonic frequency  cannot be achieved in this manner.
  2. The binaural tones are simple sine wave frequencies with white sound or no background.  There is no musical content.  These are much more effective at creating the correct harmonic frequencies in the brain AND keeping them stable.  However the sound is harsh and often gives an unpleasant experience.

Binaural Music has been created so that the binaural effect has been incorporated into every note, chord and phrase of the music. The effect is stunning...


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