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Aventurine Frequencies (Audio Crystal Therapy)

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Product Description

Aventurine - Uses and Benefits

Aventurine derives its name from its important property of being aventurescence (meaning it has the ability to become a reflective stone).  History has it, that Aventurine crystals were found in India, Italy, Brazil, Tibet, China, Russia and Nepal.

There are a lot of colors for this crystal but the most popular and most common is the Green Aventurine.  This crystal .

Even though Aventurine crystals come in various colors, they all have one thing in common which is that they have the ability to balance both the female and male energies within you despite your gender.

The Green Aventurine crystal is known as the heart chakra stone and it is said to have positive effects on your love and relationships. If you use this crystal in meditation, you will notice that it can aid and guide you in your life changes.

Moreover, it has the capability and potential to release anxiety and stress, boosting your energy and intensifying your leadership characteristics.  It is also believed to be a crystal of luck, especially in the field of money.

The Blue Aventurine is also a very powerful crystal. They are known to be linked to the third eye and throat chakras. That is why it is very helpful in empowering your communication abilities to speak out whenever you are asked about your ideas or thoughts.

This stone can help you overcome vices and other addictions like smoking, excessive eating, etc.

Metaphysically, Aventurine aids in healing problems on your thymus gland and nervous system related issues. In addition, it helps in balancing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Furthermore, it soothes several skin problems, allergies, eye irritations, migraines and heals issues on sinuses, lungs, muscular systems, cardiovascular systems and urogenital systems.

Get the same help through this amazing stone's frequencies and see how well it works for you.


How do the Frequencies Work?

Using advanced scientific techniques we can identify and recreate the exact frequencies that each crystal and mineral uses to help heal the body.

Listening to these frequencies whilst relaxing can recreate the healing power of the crystal or mineral. The classic healing ability of crystal therapy has been recreated using the correct audible and sub audible frequencies. The energetic vibrations from the crystals can be used to re-align and direct the flow of energy within the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, returning them to a state of health and wholeness.

No physical crystals or minerals are required for this technique to work but you can use them if you want to.     



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