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Clairvoyance Music

The downloadable Clairvoyance binaural music suite is particularly potent in developing Clairvoyant and Clairaudient ability.  Over time your ability to sense the extraordinary for yourself and others will be greatly enhanced.  It can be used to increase your sixth sense as well as increase the power and frequency of all premonitions.

What Is Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is a sixth sense.  It creates the power to see objects and visions.  The visions can be in the future and, sometimes, in the past. The sixth sense is related to the images that are always present in your mind that bring messages from other dimensions.  These images can be shapes, colors, still, animated, remain only a few seconds or last a longer time.  You may 'see' them with your eyes open or closed.

When people think about a person with clairvoyant ability, the first thing that often comes to mind is the ability to see into the future. While this may be one of the benefits of being clairvoyant, people often overlook the fact that it allows people to gain insights on objects, locations and even subjects.

Other benefits of clairvoyance include but are not limited to:

  • Enhanced understanding of astrology and how the movement of the Universe can impact their lives and the lives of others.
  • The ability to have more frequent vivid dreams even while awake with deeper meanings, signs and guidance.
  • Greater aura reading capabilities plus the ability to analyze a person’s personality traits as well as behaviors and energies that may be causing complications in their life.
  • Sharp focus that allows you to see beyond what most can ‘see’ and truly understand what the real root of a problem is so that the best path forward can be determined.
  • Be able to see clearly without bringing yourself or your thoughts into your vision. This is very useful for seeing the hidden energy that constantly surrounds us.

What Is Clairaudience

Clairaudience means 'clear-hearing' in French, and is used to denote the faculty of extra sensory hearing which is the perception of sounds, voices and music not audible to normal hearing.

So, what makes clairaudience useful?

Those who can experience clairaudience are able to communicate with spirits, guides, loved ones and others after they have left the physical realm. Often times, this ability becomes very useful during times of crisis or uncertainty because the discussions offer guidance and support when needed most.

It’s important to understand that not everyone with this ability will hear spoken words. Some people may experience hearing other noises such as footsteps that are sent to them as a sign from a spirit. However, when you know how to interpret the signs, they can serve as a powerful source of guidance even without spoken words.

What is Binaural Music?                   

  • A sensational new development in altered consciousness technology.
  • A complete symbiotic fusion of binaural harmonic frequencies, advanced sound engineering and inspired musical composition.
  • Functional music at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Binaural Music utilizes the tried and tested technologies of binaural harmonic frequencies and frequency following in a completely new way.

Binaural products are usually of 2 types:

The binaural tones are embedded in music.  As the tones are not part of the music; the music will distract the brain and the entrainment is ineffective and inaccurate. The correct harmonic frequency cannot be achieved in this manner.

The binaural tones are simple sine wave frequencies with white sound or no background.  There is no musical content.  These are much more effective at creating the correct harmonic frequencies in the brain AND keeping them stable. However, the sound is harsh and often gives an unpleasant experience.   

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