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Hara (Gamma Max)

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Product Description

The hara is the centre of energy of the body.In many martial arts, extension from this centre has become a common concept. Aikido in particular emphasises moving from the hara.  There are several breathing exercises in traditional Japanese martial arts where attention is always kept on hara. The hara centre is below the stomach in the lower abdomen.

Using this gamma max composition will help to strengthen the hara and enhance your awareness of this energy centre.

To develop the hara is to develop great balance and composure. Once developed you will experience a great sense of peace.

How Does it Work?

Accurately calibrated music synthesis software has been used to create the exact frequencies required to induce different Gamma states.

Experimenting through the whole range of gamma waves (from 25 - 100 Hz) it was found that certain combinations of frequencies consistently caused a complete shift in brainwave activity.   This phenomenon allows us to repeat the many benefits of gamma entrainment at will and with minimal practice.

All you need to do is play the specially coded music on your mp3 player or other music device and listen... that's it... it really is that simple.  You could be getting the benefits in minutes.

This product is available for download immediately.


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