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Melatonin (Binaural Music)

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Product Description

Melatonin is a natural sleep inducer and regulator.  It is secreted by the pineal gland when night falls thus regulating sleep patterns.  When the regular cycle is disrupted you can find that the production of melatonin is also disrupted.

Melatonin has commonly been used to regulate sleep patterns in cases of jet lag and insomnia.  Less well known are its uses as a natural antioxidant and immune system booster.  It can also increase the frequency of lucid dreaming.

Several trials have demonstrated the stimulation of the pineal gland using binaural sound and brainwave entrainment. Very specific frequencies in the delta brainwave range are thought to be responsible for this stimulation.  

The downloadable Melatonin binaural music suite uses the exact binaural frequencies shown to stimulate the release of melatonin. 

What is Binaural Music?

  • A sensational new development in altered consciousness technology.
  • A complete symbiotic fusion of binaural harmonic frequencies, advanced sound engineering and inspired musical composition.
  • Functional music at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Binaural Music utilizes the tried and tested technologies of binaural harmonic frequencies and frequency following in a completely new way.


Binaural products are usually of 2 types:

  1. The binaural tones are embedded in music.  As the tones are not part of the music; the music will distract the brain and the entrainment is ineffective and inaccurate.  The correct harmonic frequency  cannot be achieved in this manner.
  2. The binaural tones are simple sine wave frequencies with white sound or no background.  There is no musical content.  These are much more effective at creating the correct harmonic frequencies in the brain AND keeping them stable.  However the sound is harsh and often gives an unpleasant experience.

Binaural Music has been created so that the binaural effect has been incorporated into every note, chord and phrase of the music. The effect is stunning...


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