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Rose Quartz Frequencies (Audio Crystal Therapy)

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Product Description

Rose Quartz - Uses and Benefits

Using rose quartz for healing is one of the most important uses of crystals. This is because, even though the color of the heart chakra is green, it has an association with rose quartz and therefore important when dealing with issues of the heart.

While the uses do include physical issues with the heart and circulatory system, the main area addressed by Rose Quartz tends to be on emotional aspects and the question of love - a topic that is bigger than just romantic relationships.

People often have issues surrounding the ability to love themselves and others, believing they are not deserving enough.  Many of these beliefs may stem from times, situations and events that happened in the past, possibly in childhood, which then later manifests into these types of issues later in life. Often, the person is not even consciously aware of where they stem from. Therefore, this stone can be used in order to help open up the heart chakra, allowing the person to more easily give and receive love. It can be a great aid to bring about forgiveness and compassion and to start to develop feelings of trust and hope.


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